Saturday's 4-H Champions at the Steuben County Fair
By: Tami M. Mosier - Monday, July 22, 2019


Grand Champion Overall Market Hog: Alivia Burlingame

Reserve Grand Champion Overall Market Hog: Bailey Burlingame

Grand Champion Barrow: Bailey Burlingame

Reserve Grand Champion Barrow: Thomas Severe

Grand Champion Breeding Gilt: Alivia Burlingame

Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Gilt: Bailey Burlingame

Grand Champion Market Gilt: Alivia Burlingame

Reserve Grand Champion Market Gilt : Alivia Burlingame

Junior Showman: Jacob Foster

Intermediate Showman: Zak Pica

Senior Showman: Bailey Burlingame

Champion of Champions Showman: Alivia Burlingame


Supreme Grand Champion: Cade Bachelor

Intermediate Showman: Cade Bachelor

Senior Showman: Kaitlyn Rumsey

Champion of Champions Showman: Caylee Bachelor


Grand Champion 4 Class: Zaccheus Creager

Reserve Grand Champion 4 Class: Kaydance Brown

Grand Champion 6 Class: Sara Hostetler

Reserve Grand Champion 6 Class: Emma Allen

Grand Champion Fryer: Emma Allen

Reserve Grand Champion Fryer: Zacchaeus Creager

Grand Champion Roaster: Zacchaeus Creager

Reserve Grand Champion Roaster: Emma Allen

Grand Champion Stewer: Kaylee Wise

Reserve Grand Champion Stewer: Zacchaeus Creager

Junior Showman: Mollie Dick

Intermediate Showman: Jessica Thrush

Senior Showman: Kaylee Wise


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