Angola Board of Public Works & Safety Monday Meeting Sees Future Talks With Developer, Ken Wilson Regarding Terrace of Buck Lake
Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Angola Board of Public Works and Safety met on Monday afternoon at the Angola Training Center on West Mill Street to go over a very busy agenda including consideration on a request from Ken Wilson & JK Properties, LLC in regards to the area of Terrace of Buck Lake.

Dating back to the areas original build in 2004, modern requests in regards to covering the costs of infrastructure within the development have been brought to attention.

Ken Wilson from JK Properties brought a proposal before the board on Monday in a request in which the city help provide detention of storm water on the properties, and that future attention of such detail be handled by the city for the foreseeable future.

Upon the completion of Wilson's proposal, a motion was granted to have Wilson and Mayor Hickman to begin immediate discussions and negotiations to continuing a strong relationship between all parties involving the property to allow for the public dedication of the streets & utilities.

A timetable on the talks was listed as immediate, however exact dates were not determined.


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