Sturgis BOE Approves Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan
By: Mike Stiles - Tuesday, September 22, 2020

STURGIS – The Sturgis Board of Education approved their extended COVID-19 Learning Plan during their Monday meeting.

Sturgis Superintendent Dr. Art Ebert shares with the Board that K-8 students in the district will be tested during the course of the school year. Ebert says the NWEA Assessment in reading and math will be administered to all students twice. Once will be in the first 9 weeks of the school year and then again before the last day of school. Formative assessments will provide data to inform the District of their progress over the course of this year.

In addition, Sturgis Public Schools will also administer a mid year assessment to students.

Ebert says all students K-8 will improve their performance in reading and ELA from Fall to Spring as measured by the NWEA. All teachers will use the formative assessment process to support adjustments in teaching and learning for meaningful student progress towards mastery of reading, ELA and academic standards.

The goals for the math portion of the test are the same.

Ebert says the results from math and reading assessments will be discussed and analyzed by staff.

Another part of the plan is a requirement from the State of Michigan that the Sturgis School District reviews data related to COVID-19.


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