Outdoor Activities Gain Popularity Through Pandemic
Monday, November 23, 2020

Restrictions from typical entertainment are creating a new interest in outdoor activities such as hunting and walking trails.

Indiana DNR has seen a 4 percent spike in hunting licenses issued this year.

In neighboring Michigan, the number of people obtaining hunting licenses for the first time has jumped 80 percent. This nationwide trend is reversing a steady decline in hunting’s popularity that once appeared permanent.

Fort Wayne Trails are having a record year of usage. Through October 31 of this year there have been 590,197 uses of the 123 miles of trails. Last year by that point there was only a total was 457, 349. Back in April of this year there were 44,485 uses compared to the 87,569 of April 2019.

Megan McClellan, Exec. Director of Fort Wayne Trails Inc., believes although the weather is now getting cold, November and December will still be record months. October may be proof of that trend. Trail counts reached an all-time high in October, with 58,752 users for the month. The previous high count for October was in 2016 with 54,187.

(Via WANE 15 NEWS)


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