The Investigation Into the Shooting Incident at Dennis Intermediate School Continues
Friday, December 14, 2018

The Indiana State Police say that their investigation into the shooting incident that occurred Thursday morning at Dennis Intermediate School in Richmond remains ongoing. ISP says that they expect it to be a lengthy investigation and no time frame can be placed on when additional information may be available for release.

With that thought in mind, it is reasonable to expect ISP investigators have, or will be speaking with anyone who has knowledge of the deceased, as well as interviewing school staff, students and neighbors.

Detectives and crime scene technicians released the school back to the Richmond School Corporation late Friday morning. Richmond Community School Superintendent Todd Terrill has announced they will be holding a press conference Friday at their office located at 300 Hub Etchison Way, at 2 pm. The Indiana State Police will not be participating in this press conference. For any information regarding the resumption of school activities at the Dennis Intermediate School, or other questions related to school activities, please refer to their web site at www.rcs.k12.in.us.