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Promoter Cites Social Media Gripes In Baer Field Closing
Thursday Jul 03, 2014 12:00am

(FORT WAYNE) - Battles between drivers and the promoter at Baer Field Speedway have led to the track in Fort Wayne being closed. Promoter Jon Raney told Blake Sebring of the News-Sentinel on Wednesday “I don’t want to go through this anymore. The main problem is the decline of attendance for the grandstands and a lot of that is due to the racers tearing down the place in social media. I build up the facilities and the racers don’t reciprocate it to me. It’s just a negative weight for me.”

Raney has run Baer Field since late 2012. Raney says disagreements have included the mandating of mufflers and driver safety. Drivers have also been upset about weather cancellations. They have expressed their displeasure and unhappiness about several track issues on social media sites. Raney also says he and his trucking business staff have gotten threatening phone calls.

An obviously fed up Raney added, “I just don’t need this!"

Angola Motor Speedway has invited Baer Field drivers, teams and fans to their facility in a posting on the tracks web site.

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