St. Joseph County To Test Weather Sirens On Saturday
By: Mike Stiles - Friday, March 5, 2021

CENTREVILLE – If you hear a weather siren going off Saturday afternoon in St. Joseph County, don't worry. It's just a test.

Dennis Brandenburg, Director of St. Joseph County 911 says the monthly weather siren tests will start of 2021 on Saturday at 12:05 PM. All sirens will be activated at the same time, then each Fire Department will be asked to see if their siren activated and rotated properly.

If any siren fails to activate on the initial test, a second test will be performed for that siren site only to ensure proper operation. Brandenburg is asking citizens to not call Central Dispatch or 911 to report sirens going off, or to ask why the sirens are activated. These tests will be performed on the first Saturday of every month between March and October.


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