Helping Hands: Trine Students Design Low-Cost Prosthetic Limbs for Teens
By: James Tew - Friday, May 7, 2021

ANGOLA, IN - Prosthetics can be a blessing for people who are missing a limb, but they're also very expensive.

That expense can make them impractical for children and adolescents who are constantly growing and changing. However, a senior design group of Trine University engineering majors completed a project this year that provided solutions for two teenage girls born without left hands. 

With support from the Kosciusko County Community Foundation's Helping Hands Fund, the team of Marissa Shaver, a biomedical engineering major from Fostoria, Ohio, Ben Avey, a mechanical engineering major from Pendleton, Indiana, David Cervera, a biomedical engineering major from South Bend, Indiana, and Karina Bruce, a biomedical engineering major from Findlay, Ohio, designed low-cost prosthetics that will allow the girls to perform routine tasks such as curling their hair. 


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