Smith Pleads Guilty to DWI
By: Mike Stiles - Friday, May 14, 2021

BATTLE CREEK – Former Sturgis Director of Public Safety Geoffrey Smith has plead guilty in a drunk driving case.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced that the 46 year old Smith plead guilty to driving while impaired Wednesday before Calhoun County District Court Judge Paul Beardslee.

Smith will serve 12 months probation with in-home alcohol monitoring for the first 90 days. He has the right to petition for early release from probation after six months if he remains compliant with all terms and conditions. Smith is also ordered to pay restitution, although that amount hasn't been set because damages from crashing his car into other vehicles is still being assessed.

On August 15, 2020, Smith was involved in an accident while he was off duty in the 600 block of North Lakeview Avenue. As part of the plea, Smith admitted that he was driving his car while having a blood alcohol level of .17 or higher. Nessel says law enforcement must be held to a high standard. She recognizes Smith's acceptance of responsibility in this case and subsequent accountability for his actions.


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