No Change In Sturgis Millage Rate For 2021
By: Mike Stiles - Thursday, June 24, 2021

STURGIS – The City of Sturgis has set their millage rate for 2021, and there will be no change from the current rate.

Wednesday night, City Clerk Ken Rhodes presented the proposed operating millage rate to the City Commission. The millage rate would stay at 10.4623 mills, the same as 2020. The Streets and Sidewalks Improvement Millage would stay at 2.9895 mills.

Rhodes explained to the Commission that due to the Headlee Rollback rule, the highest millage rate the City could consider without a vote of the electorate is 11.8477 mills. However Rhodes says there was no need to increase the operating millage at this time.

In addition, as approved in years past, there would be a 1 percent tax administration fee collected on all City tax bills this year. Rhodes says this fee is authorized and recommended by the State to allow communities to recover the costs of tax collection.

The Commissioners unanimously approved the operating millage rate and the streets and sidewalks improvement millage rate.


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