Three Rivers City Commission Looking At Broadcasting Meetings
By: Mike Stiles - Tuesday, October 26, 2021

(THREE RIVERS) – The Three Rivers City Commission is looking into the option of have their meetings broadcast.

During a recent meeting, the Commission discussed at length the option of holding a hybrid meeting, meaning either the City would broadcast the meeting over a streaming service or possibly over a television channel.

City Staff told the Commissioners that with the current video and sound hardware in the Commission Meeting Room a live broadcast could be done, or they could do a virtual option. Staff says other government units have done a live or virtual option in the past.

City Attorney Patrick O'Malley told the Commission they would not have to issue an emergency declaration to be able to offer these options. During the pandemic in 2020, government entities had to issue an emergency declaration to they offer an online option for meetings to be able to share them in that format.

One of the issues O'Malley did bring up with these type of meetings is how do you allow for the public to participate. During live meetings, members of the public can speak and ask questions. O'Malley questioned how that would work with on line or broadcast meetings.

The City is continuing to look at options and will report back to the Commissioners during a future meeting.


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