Condo Project For Casey’s Landing Wins Court Ruling
By: Sheila McCrea - Friday, May 6, 2022

ANGOLA — A ruling has been made in favor of the Crooked Lake condos planned for Casey’s Landing.

Steuben Circuit Court Judge Allen Wheat ruled that the Steuben County Board of Zoning Appeals made the correct decision in granting a special exception. The exception was made for the development of a 10-unit condominium project on Crooked Lake.

The judicial review of the November 8th (2021) Steuben County Board of Zoning Appeals decision to allow the condominium project on Crooked Lake agreed with points made by attorneys for the development of Casey’s Landing and the BZA.

The court agreed with the BZA’s decisions citing the development “was no different than any of the other housing units on the lake, which provide living space or seasonal living for people.”


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