City of Angola 4th of July Parade
By: Colin Meadowcroft - Tuesday, May 10, 2022

This year’s City of Angola 4th of July parade theme will be “Together We’re Stronger”. The parade will start at the intersection of W. Maumee Street and University Ave. at 11:00am on Monday, July 4, 2022.

The entry fee for the parade is $10 for each entry. Entries after June 20, 2022 will be charged an extra $10 per entry. Added entries on the day of the parade are NOT allowed.

If your organization/group comes to the parade with more entries than registered, additional vehicles will be billed $30 per additional entry.
All ATV’s must be driven by a licensed driver and be pulling something. Any candy or promotional items must be HANDED OUT by walking parade participants. The sale of items along parade route is PROHIBITED. The parade must stay moving. Stopping or holding up the line for any non-emergency reason is not acceptable. Please be considerate of other parade participants and spectators.

All entry forms must be received by 12 noon on or before Monday, June 20, 2021.


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