Indiana Lawmakers Reportedly Strike Deal On Inflation Relief
By: Sheila McCrea - Friday, August 5, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Indiana lawmakers have reportedly struck a deal on an inflation relief package where Hoosier taxpayers are set to receive $200 checks.

The Indiana House and Governor Eric Holcomb proposed more money. Senate Republicans didn’t want direct payments to Hoosiers at all.

Hoosiers who filed a state tax return last year will receive direct payments.

The Senate got some of what it wanted after debates. If the state collects more money than it needs by next July, $1 billion in surplus revenue would be used to pay down state pension debt.

The bill, now also includes a Senate provision that caps the state sales tax on gasoline to 29.5 cents per gallon until July 1, 2023. The current rate is already just below that level and wasn't going to exceed it unless gas prices spike again.

The package also includes more than $70 million to help address services and programs for pregnant Hoosiers, families and children. That includes increasing the state adoption tax credit to $2,500 per child (up from $1,000) and ensuring Hoosiers no longer have to pay sales tax on children's diapers.

More information can be found here: https://www.in.gov/dor/individual-income-taxes/automatic-taxpayer-refund/


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