LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department Experiences Reported Phone Trouble Monday Morning
By: Sheila McCrea - Monday, August 8, 2022

LAGRANGE, IN - The LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department reported at 5 AM Monday morning that they are experiencing phone issues at their office.

Business phone lines are currently out of service.

911 lines are still function.

Officials in LaGrange plan to have the problem corrected as soon as possible.


Indiana Relief Bill Will Provide $200 Renate Payments

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb signed a relief bill Friday night that will bring $200 rebate payments to the pockets of Hoosiers.

The funds will come from the state’s surging budget surplus.

The rebate amount is below the Governor’s original proposal of $225. Governor Holcomb says the bill he signed Friday night “fulfills”what he “set out to accomplish when calling the General Assembly into special session” and establishes “long overdue increased funding” for families and young children.

The measure will utilize about $1 billion from the state’s record $6.1 billion in cash reserves for the rebates. An additional $1 billion will benefit the state teacher pension fund’s future obligations.

Indiana’s relief bill comes alongside the state’s ban on abortion.


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