2 New ISP Troopers At Toll Road Post Receive Patrol Cars
Thursday, October 6, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS - Two new Indiana State troopers assigned to the Toll Road Post have received their patrol cars.

This milestone comes after successfully completing three months in the ISP Field Training Program.

According to a news release from the ISP, the probationary troopers graduated from the 82nd Indiana State Police Recruit Academy in June. While at the academy, the recruits received 23 weeks of intense training.

Their graduation was the culmination of more than 1,100 hours of training that included criminal law, emergency vehicle operations, firearms and traffic law. The academy training also covered other facets of law enforcement including criminal investigation, crash investigation, self-defense and other general law enforcement related areas of instruction.

Among the new troopers will be two who will begin solo patrols on the Indiana Toll Road.

Austin Slone, age 25, is a 2015 graduate of Warsaw Community High School. Following high school, Slone entered the United States Air Force and served four years of active duty. While in the Air Force, he earned an associate degree in criminal justice.

Slone will patrol the Indiana Toll Road in St. Joseph, Elkhart and LaGrange County.

John Streeter, age 29, graduated from home schooling in 2012. He went on to attend Trine University, earning a degree in business management.

Streeter will patrol the Indiana Toll Road in LaGrange and Steuben County.


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