Indiana Court of Appeals Upholds Steuben County Decision On Crooked Lake Condo Project
Monday, February 6, 2023

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Court of Appeals has upheld a Steuben Circuit Court decision in favor of allowing a condominium project on Crooked Lake.

The decision by the court was unanimous, affirming the May 2022 decision of Steuben County Judge Allen Wheat. Judge Wheat ruled in favor of development of 10 condominium units on Lane 345 Crooked Lake.

The court also held that the development “would not be out of character with other housing on the lake.”

The opposition of the project has 45 days from January 9th to further appeal to the Indiana Supreme Court, which could deny a hearing on the matter.

The condominium development is being proposed by Crown Point Holdings. If built, it will be the first condominium development on Crooked Lake.


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