Update On MetalX Scrapyard Fire In Delta
Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Delta Fire Chief Scott Smith notes that progress is being made with the scrap metal fire at MetalX, LLC in Delta, Ohio. Smith states that they continue to deploy multiple master streams to quench the fire, but have been able to scale back the amount of resources they were using on Tuesday. Trained MetalX company crews and the Fire Departments on-scene continue to use heavy machinery to pull the piles of scrap and debris apart. Although the fire has significantly diminished, it is anticipated that there will be “hot spots” that continue to flare up through the night. The cause of this fire is not known and will remain under investigation.

There have been two minor injuries reported at this time. Chief Smith maintains that the priority continues to be keep all personnel safe as well as to extinguish the fire.

The United States Federal Environmental Agency has conducted air quality monitoring at multiple sites. Although there is an odor, there have been no traces of chemicals found in the air. They will continue to monitor air quality throughout the night. Additionally, Ohio EPA and MetalX’s Environmental Consultant also continue to monitor air quality. Officials do ask the public to be cautious and stay out of smoke, shelter in place. For any concerns about health, contact the Fulton County Health Department at 419-337-0915. If you are experiencing persistent health issues, you should contact your current provider.

Officials anticipate that roads will open up early this evening. State Route 109 will likely remain closed into the night.

Village of Delta Mayor Dan Miller has reported that the Village proactively issued a boil advisory during Monday evening until water plant and processes were stabilized with the incorporation of potable water provided by the City of Wauseon through an established interconnection. The boil advisory was lifted around 11:30pm Monday evening and water in the Village is safe to drink and use. Village officials will continue to provide testing for safe water quality. For any boil advisories issued, residents should check the Village of Delta website, Village of Delta Facebook page and follow local media.

Multiple agencies and crews remain on the scene including the United States EPA, OEPA, Henry County Emergency Management Agency, Ohio State Fire Marshall and the Ohio Emergency Planning Agency.

Chief Smith, the Village of Delta, Fulton County Emergency Management Agency and MetalX LLC would like to thank the outpouring of support from the multiple agencies that have responded as well as from the community. All community donations are being handled through the Red Cross Chapter. Persons interested in donating should contact them at 567-825-3349.


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