Bullets Found In Coldwater High School Toilet
Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Two bullets were found Monday morning in a toilet at Coldwater High School.

In a message on the school's Facebook page, Coldwater Superintendent Terry Whelan says students reported finding two small caliber bullets in one of the toilets. The students immediately contacted a teacher who in turn contacted the school's administrative team.

As school officials investigated the situation, they did not find any more bullets or a firearm. It's believed that a student realized they had the bullets in their possession by mistake and tried to dispose of them.

Whelen also said they informed Coldwater High School students at 9:20 AM that
everything was okay and classes would continue as normal. She also says she
understands and supports some parent's decision to pick up their children from the

Whelen says she does apologize that the phone call to parents did not go out
earlier on Monday.


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