LaGrange Commissioners Dive Into Myers Complaint
Tuesday, December 3, 2019

LaGrange County Commissioners authorized a nuisance investigation of the Larry Myers property along State Road 9 north of Lagrange Monday morning.

The action follows the filing of a signed complaint last week. Sheriff Jeff Campos wondered if the commissioners wanted the nuisance officer to follow up on the complaint.

The complaint also came up during a town hall meeting held by Commissioners Terry Martin last Wednesday.

Former Nuisance Officer Don Wismer said the commissioners had shut him down on a nuisance case against Myers previously due to the cost of pursuing it at that time.

Myers is currently involved in a criminal case for allegedly failing to
provide adequate veterinary care for a horse that later died after being removed from the property. The horses along 300 North and State Road 9 are not on Larry Myers property according to Commission President Larry Miller.

Besides being the subject of animal welfare complaints over the years, the property contains a number of junk mobile homes. Commissioners authorized the nuisance officer to meet with Myers and determine if the complaint has merit.


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