Angola Public Notification of a Possible Combined Sewer Overflow
Friday, October 23, 2020

ANGOLA, IN - Due to heavy rainfall extended periods of rain, and/or excessive snowmelt, it is possible that a combined sewer overflow is occurring, will occur or has recently occurred.

The City of Angola Wastewater Treatment Plant maintains a sanitary sewer system that is combined with storm sewers. As of January 1, 2012, less than 5% of its sewers are combined. During long periods of constant precipitation or periods of acute, heavy rainfall or snow melt, the sanitary sewage collection system may surcharge and a combined sewer overflow may occur.

Sewage or wastewater pollution may be present in waters downstream of the City of Angola WWTP during or for several days after periods of heavy rainfall or snowmelt. People who swim in, wade in, or ingest this water may get sick. Special precaution should be taken to prevent accidental or intentional ingestion of water. Bacteria levels will usually return to normal levels within 72 hours following a CSO, at which time normal recreational activities may resume.


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