Murder Investigation Remains Active in Delphi, Indiana
Thursday, February 14, 2019

DELPHI, IN -- Teenagers Libby German and Abby Williams were found dead on a hiking trail two years ago.

Carroll County, Indiana Prosecutor Nicolas McLeland, asking the public to keep sending in tips.

"This case is not closed, we are not done with this investigation. There are countless people working on this every day. So we want to get this out in front of people, and want people to know we're still actively investigating all leads. We're still working on this case. I think about this case every day."

To date he says they've investigated 38-thousand tips, with about a dozen coming in every day. He says they expect more to come in following Wednesday's press conference.

Indiana State Police Sgt. Kim Riley says he doesn’t believe the deaths of Abby Williams and Libby German along a trail near Delphi two years ago will go unsolved for decades like the April Tinsley case in Fort Wayne.

A reward of around $225,000 is offered for information that leads to the girls’ killer.