IHSAA Announces Plan For Fall Sports
Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Indiana High School Athletic Association has announced a three-step plan to return sports to full speed by the fall.

Commissioner Bobby Cox says Phase 1 starts July 6. It includes limited contact conditioning. If it goes well, students can get back to regular summer workouts two weeks later. Cox says Phase 3 will be the fall semester, and the return of full contact sports. An exact timeline and guidelines for Phase 3 are still up in the air.

“I just think there are a lot of considerations. Right now, it’s too early to make that decision, but right now we’re monitoring the situation, using best practices, looking at the data, and trying to make some intelligent decisions about what sports might look like at the fall,” Cox said.

Cox says health officials will constantly monitor the health of athletes and staff. He says if people follow social distancing guidelines, this plan can stay on track.

“That’s gonna take a collective effort. It’s not just one or two people, but I know that our members are gonna try to make it as safe as they can,” Cox said.