Angola Has Two Top Champs; Fremont Has One Champ at Garrett Wrestling Invitational
By: Sheila McCrea - Monday, January 17, 2022

GARRETT, IN - The Angola Hornets had two champions at the Garrett Wrestling Invitational, while Fremont had one on the champions podium.

Champions at the Garrett Invitational for Angola were Kameron Straw at 106, and Brandon Villafuerte at 285.

Fremont’s Jacob Behm took the championship spot at 195.

Garrett Invitational Team Results (Top 10 out of 14)
Norwell 204
Garrett 200.5
East Noble 165
South Adams 163.5
Angola 152
DeKalb 133
Fremont 129
Lakeland 124
Manchester 102