DeKalb Auditor To Be Member Of State Advisory Council
By: Mike Stiles - Thursday, June 6, 2024

Susan Sleeper (front, second from left) and the members of the State Comptroller Advisory Council (photo courtesy of Elise Nieshalla)

(INDIANAPOLIS) – A Northern Indiana official has been named to a State panel.

In a media release, Indiana State Comptroller Elise Nieshalla has announced that she has put together a 14 member panel, launching her first State Comptroller Advisory Council. One of the members is DeKalb County Auditor Susan Sleeper.

Nieshalla, who is a former local official, says she understands the importance of the relationship between local, county and state government.

Made up of local government officials from around Indiana, the appointed council members will serve a two year term with the purpose of providing feedback to enhance the local government services provided by the office.

Nieshalla says with these leaders’ local government expertise, she can better understand the challenges they are facing and how her office can best be at their service. Nieshalla says she is excited to collaborate with each council member, hear their perspectives and incorporate the insights we receive.

One of the key responsibilities of the state comptroller’s office includes the disbursement of tax revenues to local units of government. Creating an advisory council will further relationships between the comptroller’s office and local units statewide, in addition to providing input on future goals related to continuous improvement efforts on the effective and efficient delivery of service.

The State Comptroller’s Office fulfills the duties of the office of State Auditor.


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