Sturgis City Commission Votes Down Resolution
Thursday, May 28, 2020

A resolution that would have asked Governor Gretchen Whitmer to open up the City of Sturgis was voted down Wednesday night.

During their meeting, the Sturgis City Commission was presented with a
resolution by Commissioner Justin Wickey. It stated that the City Commission did not agree with the measures taken by Whitmer regarding the coronavirus pandemic, and that it was time for Sturgis, its citizens and business owners to be allowed to open.

In the resolution, Wickey stated that the Sturgis City Commission has
great faith in the many business owners who have suffered a huge financial blow during the stay at home order, and believe that they will open safely. The resolution also says the Commission believes our citizens need to be allowed to enjoy life with their civil liberties and constitutional rights intact. At this point in time, the Sturgis City Commission believes this to be a local issue.

Vice Mayor Jon Good says this resolution is a way to let Governor Whitmer
know that Sturgis, and every community, needs to get back to normal. City Commissioner Jeff Mullins disagreed with the resolution. He said
that people need to listen to medical experts in this matter, and not those in the governmental chain who think they know more. Mullins says sending a resolution like this to the Governor will not do Sturgis any good.

The Commission voted 4-3 to not send the resolution to Whitmer.


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